Thomas Wangsmo is a Norwegian screenwriter and director, and a film graduate from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. He has written and directed one feature and more than twenty short films. His first feature film, Into the Dark, was released in Norwegian cinemas in February 2012. It premiered internationally at Montreal World Film Festival in 2012, where it won the Bronze Zenith Award. His short film Amor won the EFA Best Short Award at Ghent International Film Festival in 2009, and was a Best Short nominee at the European Film Awards in 2010. In addition to writing and directing, Wangsmo has edited all his films, and occasionally also photographed and produced them. He is a member of the Writer's Guild of Norway, and occacionally also teaches film, in addition to working as a filmmaker.




Into the Dark 2012


  • The Forest Deep 2011
  • Neve a Teana 2010
  • The Aftermath of Destruction 2010
  • Reunion 2010
  • The Secret 2010
  • Amor 2009
  • Sea Change 2009
  • The Proposition 2009
  • Away 2008
  • Elegy 2008
  • Weightless 2008
  • You, from My Point of View 2008
  • On the Bottom 2007
  • Almost 2006
  • Reflektor 2006
  • Flight 2005
  • Last Goodbye 2004
  • Thunderstruck 2003
  • Screwed 2002
  • Funny How Quick the Milk Turns Sour 2001