2018 · 2 min · Norwegian

Into the Dark  TrailerDownloads · IMDb

2012 · 88 min · Norwegian

On a dark winter evening driving home with his family, Jan runs over his neighbours' eight-year-old son. As the boy's father grows suspicious of the events of the accident, both men are trapped in a downward spiral of desperation that threatens to lead to their undoing.
With Thorbjørn Harr, Fridtjov Såheim, Ellen Dorrit Petersen and Laila Goody


2009 · 14 min · Norwegian

In a game of money, deception and desire, one man is about to discover that you can't always get what you want, no matter how much you're willing to pay for it.
With Pål Sverre Hagen, Ida Elise Broch and Mattis Herman Nyquist


2010 · 8 min · Norwegian

At a table in a park, two people meet, who once loved each other.
With Kåre Conradi and Lisa Werlinder

The Forest Deep  TrailerNedlastinger · IMDb

2011 · 24 min · Norwegian

Jonas has moved to a new place and a new school. With no friends, Jonas spends his days after school alone, until he meets a very special friend in the forest.
With Fredrik Grøndahl, Henrik Rafaelsen and Birgitte Larsen

Imagine a City

2011 · 3 min · English

A portrait of the ideal sustainable city.

The Music Circle

2011 · 1 min · English

The perfect American road trip in a Chevrolet.

Almost Like Being There

2011 · 6 min

Music video for the title track of Norwegian country artist Bjørn Wikøren's first album.